Thailand Elite
By offering the Thailand Elite visa to clients, real estate agents can provide an added level of convience

When someone overseas starts the process of purchasing property in Thailand, there is a lot they don’t know. And we’re not just talking about the rules and regulations. They will likely need more information when it comes to banking, cost of living and, of course, visas. 

Convenience is something clients expect in just about every industry these days. And real estate is no different. If you’re like most Thailand-based real estate agencies that work with foreign buyers, chances are you already provide help to clients when they are looking for financial or legal assistance.

This helps make their life easier. But what about helping them obtain the right visa if they plan on regularly staying in the country? If you have ever dealt with the Thailand Immigration office, you understand the visa process isn’t always a smooth and transparent experience.

So, why would you simply leave your clients to try and navigate its complications? Instead of throwing them into the proverbial deep end, there is a way you can support them with the visa process, similar to how you would refer them to a preferred legal services provider.    

By working with Henley & Partners, the global concessionaire of the Thailand Elite residence program, you can offer clients the ability to join the Thailand Elite residence program as an add-on to their property purchase. Not only are they receiving the perfect real estate, but an Elite visa also guarantees their comfort when they’re in Thailand.

Five-, 10- and 20-year privilege entry visas are available through the program with the option to secure visas for family members also provided. Of course, there is much more to the Thailand Elite residence program than this. A broad range of complimentary services and benefits are given to those who sign up. 

These include limousine transfers at airports throughout Thailand; expedited immigration formalities and passport-control processing; and government concierge services and assistance opening bank account in either Thai baht or a foreign currency. 

What’s more, the application process for the Thailand Elite residence program is streamlined. Interested clients won’t need to make multiple trips to the immigration office or submit a mountain of paperwork. The application can even be filled out right there in your office. And since the visa isn’t dependant upon investment, the process can be done concurrently with the property purchase. In approximately one to three months, your client will receive visa issuance. 

Contact Andrew Raming, Senior Manager, Henley & Partners Thailand, at +66 (0) 9878 77808 for more information on how you can offer Thailand Elite to your clients or visit