Learn how Plus Property has become one of Thailand’s most trusted real estate agencies

Plus Property Thailand
Plus Property is one of the most well-known agencies in Thailand

For more than 20 years, Plus Property has worked hard to become a leading real estate agency. The company possesses the expertise and readiness to provide comprehensive property services to both domestic and international clientele. Buyers and sellers from around the world rely on the company thanks to its use of cutting-edge innovations that ensure the best possible results. 

The Plus Property difference

Buying and renting: For those looking to buy or rent a place, Plus Property has a diverse stock of properties that encompasses every location and covers numerous price points, ensuring clients have a great selection to choose from. Every single piece of real estate in Plus Property’s portfolio is high quality having received a passing grade based on the standard the company uses. 

Selling and letting: Plus Property works with investors to provide them with a full range of services that includes pricing, consultation on room decoration and photography service.  This means each residential unit under Plus Property’s watch will have visual appeal and stand out. The company also conducts online and offline marketing on behalf of all clients. Additionally, Plus Property engages with partners such as web portals, including Dot Property, and financial institutions to facilitate quick sales and/or lettings that have a satisfactory yield.

Consulting: The real estate agency has unmatched market expertise that allows it to provide in-depth counselling based on data analysis. Plus Property possesses big data on the prospects of each location along with a diverse base of clients. This enables the company to give suggestions about the best possible investment options in terms of yield generation as well as being able to advise clients on purchase choices that best suit their unique needs. The ultimate goal of Plus Property is to create solutions to create win-win scenarios.

Plus Property team
The Plus Property team

After the transaction: Plus Property service doesn’t stop once a deal has been reached. The company’s residential property management service exceeds the work scope of a traditional juristic entity. Through its Living Management philosophy, Plus Property gives full attention to all dimensions of living. Following the decision to purchase, sell or rent a property, Plus Property customers can rest in the comfort of knowing the project management team will carry on the tasks of servicing newly-arrived residents; overseeing the well-being and living needs of residents who display a wide range of lifestyles; maintaining buildings and facilities; and sustaining a good environment within the project. 

At the end of the day, Plus Property’s experience caring for a multitude of property project types and its proficiency in various categories of facility operation and maintenance means the company knows how to take good care of an asset. Any future reselling or leasing decision will generate a solid return on investment.

For more information on Plus Property please visit: www.plus.co.th