Meet the company changing the way people view their next property

Developers and real estate agents in Thailand have relied on the same few marketing tools for more than a decade now. Homebuilders will create show units that are fully furnished and aren’t always an accurate representation of the average residence. For property professionals, most create straightforward listings with a few photos and some text for potential clients to see. 

These are both successful methods that have helped propel the Thai real estate industry to greater heights. But they are now being disrupted as people looking for property want to be engaged. Property seekers, both end users and investors, want an immersive experience that is available at their convenience. They prefer a chance to get close to the property from their phone or laptop before reaching out to a real estate agent or developer for additional information.    

Vizoport has developed a range of innovations to accomplish just that. The Bangkok-based company is empowering developers and real estate agents throughout the country with the tools to provide a 24/7 open house experience online.

The firm estimates that 82 percent of people looking for property in Thailand are more likely to use a real estate agent that provides virtual tours that can be viewed on their mobile phone. In a marketplace where competition is greater than ever, using Vizoport technology can offer a distinct advantage by changing the way people see properties.

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Vizoport innovations help people get a sneak peak inside condominiums 

In terms of residential real estate, Vizoport focuses mostly on condominiums, although the technology can be used for villas, detached housing or any type of dwelling. The goal is to ensure people can get as close to a property as possible using only a phone or computer. Let’s take a look at some of the company’s innovations that make this possible.

3D Tours – Using photography can’t always capture the uniqueness of a residence. What’s more, size oftentimes fails to translate between photos and real life. Property seekers may see photos of a condominium unit online and think it looks too big or too small when it could, in fact, actually be exactly what they’re looking for. 

This is where 3D Tours from Vizoport can make a huge difference. The company maps and scans the entire unit to create a fully immersive showcase where people can look at every inch of the property from the comfort of their smartphone or laptop. Additionally, both dollhouse and floor plan views are incorporated into the 3D Tours to improve the experience while special tags highlight notable features and add an extra level of interactivity.

A look at the dollhouse view from the Vizoport 3D Tour

It is estimated that 75 percent potential clients are more interested in immersive viewing, such as a 3D Tour, than only seeing photos. International property seekers benefit the most from this type of technology as they can narrow their search before they arrive in Thailand. Once here, they will already have a shortlist of units they want to see in person. And in most cases they will be much further along in the decision making process since the visit will be more about confirming what they saw online as opposed to making a decision on if they like it or not.

VR Ready Tours – Similar to the 3D Tours, Vizoport can create Virtual Reality Tours of condominiums. With VR technology becoming more commonplace, this is something property professionals are starting to leverage. For users, VR Ready Tours put them in the condominium unit allowing them explore just as they would at an in-person open house. But unlike an open house, they can visit the VR Tour whenever they want and as many times as they like.  

Digital Storybook – Vizoport can help real estate agents and developers create a Digital Storybook that captures all of the digital marketing efforts for a project or unit to create a single narrative designed to capture the imagination of those looking for property.

All of what Vizoport offers, including tours, floorplans, digitally enhanced photos and more, is collected in one place that is easy for users to engage with. Instead of the individual marketing elements being disconnected, it is all tied together to tell the story of the property. The showcase is also easily sharable across social media platforms ensuring high visibility.

Vizoport’s progressive perspective embraced by market leaders  

Vizoport uses cutting-edge technology to ensure high-quality scans

There is a chance you may have seen Vizoport’s innovations in action. The company has worked with some of the most notable developers, agents and hospitality businesses in Thailand. Sansiri and Country Group Development both trust Vizoport to help bring their residential creations to life.

Meanwhile, Swissôtel and Solitaire Hotel are just a couple of the hotels who have turned to Vizoport to find ways to impress potential guests.   

Perhaps no business has utilised the full potential of Vizoport innovations quite like Flat Monthly. The online rental real estate solution, which operates in Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, even created VR lounge, where tenants can inspect 15-20 apartments in the space of an hour without needing to deal with traffic. Thanks to help from Vizoport, Flat Monthly has become the go-to place for rentals in Southeast Asia.

At the end of the day, all of these firms understand that their potential clients need to have access to an immersive experience on a 24/7 basis. Having photos is no longer enough to be successful in hyper-competitive industries such as real estate or hospitality. No one in Thailand is helping property professionals stay on top of this changing trend quite like Vizoport. 

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