The launch of ISOLA Phuket breathes new life into the island living concept

ISOLA Phuket award winner
Thana Ratnaubonchai (left), Partner of Dynasty Group, accepts the award for Best New Launch Villa Development Phuket at the Dot Property Thailand Awards 2020

The idea of island living hasn’t evolved all that much over the years, especially in Phuket. It usually involves views of the beach, a nice villa and, perhaps, drinking out of a coconut. This was not lost on developer Dynasty Group who wanted to advance the concept of island living with the launch of ISOLA Phuket.

“Dynasty Group’s vision for ISOLA was to reimagine island living. We drew inspiration from the world’s most iconic developments to create something unique for Phuket. Our core mission is to market outside of what other developers are doing and to maintain a consistent point of difference,” Dino Sabnani, Managing Director at Dynasty Group explains. “We do this to ensure that if market conditions get harder, our projects will be distinguished and our owners and investors will always have security in renting and re-sales. ISOLA’s point of difference is the distinctive modern architecture and its hotel-style living in a residential setting.”

Dino adds that many aspects of ISOLA Phuket have been inspired by the island’s ultra-luxury villa market which is famous around the world. The goal of Dynasty Group was to launch a villa estate with that same level of service and attention to detail but at an accessible price point. 

“It’s not just about the architecture and the finishes but the lifestyle and the aspirational elements that underpin this project,” Dino details. “ISOLA offers a personal concierge, butler and housekeeping for residents which mirrors the level of service at a 5-star hotel. The concierge will be able to organize your activities, have your laundry washed, research restaurants, receive your shopping or whatever you would ask of a hotel concierge. This is in addition to our in-house chef who can prepare meals in the privacy of your own villa. The residents’ speedboat will also be offered to owners allowing them to explore Phuket’s neighboring islands.”

Go inside ISOLA Phuket, the Best New Launch Villa Development Phuket

ISOLA Phuket
ISOLA Phuket features several design elements to enhance island living

ISOLA Phuket won Best New Launch Villa Development Phuket at the Dot Property Thailand Awards 2020 thanks in part to a unique design that helps it stand apart from other projects on the market.

The development features a collection of 12 exquisite two-storey villas that are well appointed with generous entertainment spaces and full-length infinity pools. The two and three-bedroom villas were crafted in a manner that ensures buyers are acquiring something entirely different from what’s currently available in Phuket.

“With a lot of new developments rumored to be coming to the market in Phuket, we wanted to ensure that purchasers who are buying into ISOLA are benefitting from a unique point of difference not offered anywhere else,” Mitchel Squires, Managing Director at ISOLA notes. “The villas offer larger-than-average floor plans and luxury interior fit-outs as standard throughout. It has been designed for owner-occupiers and everything from the endless infinity pools and expansive floor-to-ceiling glass windows to the bespoke outdoor lounge areas and cantilevered balconies have been created with these purchasers in mind.”

Villas at ISOLA Phuket are practical in use but sophisticated in design. Liveability was an area of emphasis with spaces allowing activity to flow easily and intuitively. Indoor and outdoor areas are seamlessly interwoven so residents can enjoy all seasons in absolute comfort.

It was this effort, which goes well beyond the ordinary, that propelled ISOLA Phuket to victory at the Dot Property Thailand Awards 2020. The achievement was not lost on the team at Dynasty Group.

“We are greatly humbled and honored to be receiving the award for Best New Villa Development. There is a huge amount of effort that goes into a project like this and it feels extremely rewarding to be recognized by Dot Property and amongst Thailand’s best projects and developers.” Mitchel says.

5-star lifestyle in a 5-star location

ISOLA Phuket exterior
A look at the exterior of ISOLA Phuket

ISOLA Phuket is located near Layan Beach, an area of the island that is home to several 5-star resorts. Dynasty Group believed it was the perfect location for this type of villa development from both a liveability and investment standpoint.

“We see Layan as one of the most dynamic markets in Phuket thanks to its close proximity to the airport and the abundance of surrounding 5-star properties and planned developments.  The continuous investment into entertainment infrastructure by the private sector and the launch of Porto De Phuket by the Central Group will continue to boost interest in the area,” Dino points out. “Layan ticks every lifestyle amenity box and delivers enormous appeal to a wide demographic range. Its investment potential offers security, value and growth.  We are extremely positive about the Layan market and actively looking for more opportunities to invest in this great area.”

In a location known for its upscale resorts and an exclusive lifestyle, it was important for ISOLA Phuket to go above and beyond. The key was finding a way to combine the bespoke experience of staying in a luxury hotel with the privacy only afforded from a personal residence.

“There’s a lot to be said for a luxury hotel from the impeccable service and excellent accommodation on offer, to a range of exciting food, drink and leisure facilities. But those who head off on lavish getaways are increasingly looking for a level of privacy they just can’t get in a hotel,” Mitchel states.

Dino adds, “Our buyers are conservative and discreet, they want to live in a development that sits quietly and provides the utmost privacy and security at all times, whilst being at the highest level of design detail globally. ISOLA is perfectly positioned to capture this audience.”

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