Here’s how you can keep your valuables safe during Bangkok’s rainy season

valuables safe during Bangkok’s rainy season
Bangkok's sudden rains and flooding can threaten the valuables in your home or office

Flooding in Bangkok is an inevitable reality for a multitude of reasons. Making this situation worse is the fact it’s difficult to predict when and where flooding will take place. Sure, there are a few hotspots in the Thai capital where water normally accumulates. But there are also examples of floods happening in places deemed to be safe.

For those with homes or businesses on the ground, flooding is a genuine threat to their valuables. However, those living in mid- or high-rise condominiums face issues during Bangkok’s rainy season as well. Those who store items on their balcony are exposing them to the weather’s whims. There is always a risk that protective coverings fail which can lead to water damage.

The best way to keep valuables safe during Bangkok’s rainy season is by placing them in a self storage facility, such as i-Store Self Storage. Their storage centers are designed to withstand whatever mother nature throws at them while providing you with 24/7 access to what’s inside.

And with three locations in central Bangkok, you don’t have to traverse the city to get there. What’s more, using i-Store Self Storage is affordable with flexible contracts ensuring you have the space you need for however long you need it.

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Peace of mind protection

valuables safe during Bangkok’s rainy season
Not only does i-Store Self Storage keep your valuables safe during Bangkok’s rainy season, but they are protected with an insurance plan

Keeping your valuables safe during Bangkok’s rainy season is the main reason you should store them with i-Store Self Storage. That being said, the peace of mind you’ll enjoy knowing your stuff is protected during inclement weather should not be overlooked.

Heavy rains and the early signs of flooding are extremely stressful. It becomes a race against the clock to move things to higher ground if possible. And that is impossible to do if you have large items, such as furniture or cars.  

It is a similar story for businesses with documents or other non-essential items on the ground floor of their space. However, they may not even have the chance to protect these if a severe storm hits outside of work hours.

Condo dwellers with a set of golf clubs or miscellaneous household goods stored on a balcony face a similar struggle to save them if a downpour strikes while they are away. Especially considering how traffic grinds to halt in the Thai capital during this time.   

Regardless of what you’re protecting, using i-Store Self Storage guarantees peace of mind knowing your valuables are safe no matter what happens outside.

i-Store Self Storage is the place to keep your valuable safe during Bangkok’s rainy season

i-Store Self Storage has units of all sizes so you can keep everything from a few boxes to a garage full of stuff safe during Bangkok’s rainy season. Don’t risk flood or water damage and store your valuables at their premium facilities. Find out more about how they can help you!