What factors do you need to consider when choosing a serviced office in Southeast Asia?

Serviced offices continue to grow in popularity across Southeast Asia and for good reason. This flexible option allows businesses of all sizes to cut costs, avoid multi-year leases and pay for only what they require. And while that sounds great, there are things you need to consider when going down this route.

Simply put, making the switch isn’t as easy as doing a Google search and selecting the cheapest choice. It’s also important not to get lost in a sea of buzz words where countless serviced office operators make pie in the sky promises that aren’t realistic. There is a lot to parse through, but everything starts with your needs.

That is why we’ve put together some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a serviced office. Starting a search with these in mind will ensure you find the best possible space.

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1) Location and views

There is a reason why we don’t work in windowless buildings far away from the CBD. That would not be a productive environment for anyone. This means location and views are important. For starters, it should be easy for employees to get to their workplace. This will obviously be a key consideration when selecting a serviced office space.

However, don’t overlook the impact views can have on a daily basis. When you or someone on your team looks around and sees an inspirational view of the city, it helps maintain a positive vibe. Of course, these oftentimes come at a premium price, but it is usually possible to find a space that balances all three concerns.

2) Flexibility

Given everything that has happened over the past two years, flexibility has become the name of the game. It is vital your serviced office operator provides you the ability to scale up or down at a moment’s notice. We mention this here because a lot of spaces claim to have this ability but can’t always deliver. Make sure you know the scaling terms and how the process will work before agreeing to anything.

3) Brand reputation

With so many serviced office operators and co-working players in Asia, it isn’t easy to find a name you’re familiar with. What’s more, continued consolidation and difficult business conditions mean these spaces are coming and going without warning. That level of uncertainty is not ideal for your organization.

This is also why businesses like yours trust Regus for their serviced office requirements. Having been at this for decades, they have the best collection of locations and views across Thailand with a presence in most major areas. Their modern spaces are thoughtfully designed to ensure maximum productivity.

What’s more, they have the knowledge and capability to handle your scaling specifications. And with transparent pricing, you always know what you’re paying for.

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