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commercial property for sale Trat
This 4-star beach resort in Trat is one of the commercial property opportunities found on Thailand Property

A lot people assume Thailand Property is only for condo units, villas and other types of residential real estate. But we also have the country’s best selection of commercial property as well as a large selection of office space on the website. Today we’ll focus on the former.

Regardless of if you have an idea for a business and need the perfect space or simply want to find inspiration for your next venture, chances are it’s already listed on Thailand Property. Here are a few of the most exciting commercial property opportunities currently available.

Commercial property for sale on Thailand Property

Restaurant near the Asoke BTS

Listed By: Keller Henson Real Estate

Important Details: Comes with equipment and necessary licenses

Asoke is always bustling with activity. People are out and about nearly 24/7 which makes it a great place for restaurants. Office workers, tourists and students all frequent the area and a few are bound to be hungry. Keller Henson Real Estate has a restaurant business ready for takeover near the Asoke BTS station.

What’s more, furniture, the commercial registration license and a legal alcohol sales license come include. You can either acquire the restaurant space, which sits on two floors, or the entire four-storey building. It may also be possible to setup a rooftop bar at the site.

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4-star beach resort outside of Trat

4star beach resort Trat
4-star beach resort Trat

Listed By: Supreme Real Estate

Important Details: Staffed and operational, private beach 

Tourism is big business in Thailand, but finding the right opportunity can be a challenge. If you’re looking for a hotel in an up-and-coming tourist destination, this 4-star beach resort outside of Trat might be the ideal investment. The property has 33 keys along with a full range of amenities and a private beach. 

But location is what makes it standout. The government is in the midst of implementing a THB3 billion masterplan that will transform the area around the Trat province. The goal is to turn the region into a hub for tourism and is expect to bring in an influx of guests over the coming years.

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Restaurant and winebar in Pattaya

Winebar for sale in Pattaya
Winebar for sale in Pattaya

Listed By: PFS

Important Details: Staffed and operational, private beach 

No one knows Pattaya quite like PFS. The award-winning real estate agency has been in business for over a decade, helping countless people find what they’re looking for. If you’re on the lookout for a restaurant/winebar, this property could be the answer. The 4-storey building comes furnished and has a kitchen area as well as a back office space.

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