Dot Property announces office move to Singha Complex to accommodate growth

Dot Property is excited to announce a major office move to larger facilities in Bangkok. The new workspace is located on the 18th floor of the Singha Complex, facing Petchaburi road. And it’s been designed for 100 people with almost 783 square meters, nearly three times larger than the previous office.

“We are very excited to relocate to our new offices”, commented James Claassen, General Manager at Dot Property. “This move represents a significant step forward for our company, it allows us to better accommodate our current team and be ready for our ambitious growth plans”.

The official opening has been on the 1st of July with a special event pending to be scheduled for the end of the month, when the new office space will be presented to clients and associates.

WorkspaceWorkspace meant for more connectivity

The new office reflects the collaborative culture of Dot Property and strives to make it a great place to work for everyone. “The new space is arranged into interconnected groups of discussion areas and workstations where team members are free to work throughout the space”, says Buntharick (Gwen) La Caprara, Brand Director at Dot Property.

“A variety of zones that they can self-select throughout the day depending on the work they are doing, who they are working with or how they are doing it, we encourage discovery in finding new things and new solutions around the neighborhood”, added Gwen.

Townhall areaOld furniture donated to Uthai Secondary School

The previous office desks and other furniture has been donated to the Uthai Secondary School in Ayutthaya. Dot Property is happy to collaborate with the community and hope to keep doing it with several CSR events that will be announced during the upcoming months.