Don’t miss Dot Property Group’s first ever USA Real Estate Agent Day

USA Real Estate Agent Day
The USA Real Estate Agent Day is set for Thursday, January 26th at Centrepoint Terminal 21 in Bangkok

For the first time in history, Dot Property Group is organizing an Agent Day focused exclusively on USA real estate. GCG Real Estate, a leading investment company specializing in international markets, will present their American projects in addition to explaining why property professionals in Thailand should add these to their portfolio.

The event will take place on Thursday, January 26th at Centrepoint Terminal 21 in Bangkok. The first 40 agents to attend will receive a THB500 voucher from Central Group. Click here to sign up!

GCG Real Estate offers a 3-8 percent commission for selling their USA-based property. Meanwhile, overseas property buyers can enjoy turnkey solutions and sustainable investments in a market valued at USD35 trillion (THB1.18 quadrillion).

Importantly, GCG Real Estate’s goal is to secure stable, high-yield real estate assets and make them accessible to those located overseas through a smoother, more simplified process. This makes the firm an ideal partner for you and your customers.

Don’t miss this chance to learn about American real estate and how you can add US properties to your portfolio. Advance registration is required to attend the event on Thursday, January 26th at Centrepoint Terminal 21 in Bangkok. Reserve your place at the Invest in the US Property Seminar 2023 here.

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