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Pattaya is changing. It has become a destination for Bangkokians who want to leave the urban life behind on weekends or holidays. The city is also bringing in a wave of entrepreneurs and employees looking for upscale residences that provide style, comfort and convenience.

Colours Development is out in front of this change. Through the firm’s ‘Living Beyond Possibility’ concept, it looks to create projects that set new standards for real estate along Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard. This decision was based not only on what Pattaya is becoming, but also what the city will be in the future.

“The Easter Economic Corridor (EEC) is transforming Pattaya into a Smart City and a place that is attractive for businesses to expand into. This has created demand from a different type of homebuyer,” Khun Park Thannaakkarachol, Colours Development CEO & Founder, explains. “The area will continue to be popular with tourists as well. Several initiatives, such as the Jomtien Beach Sand Reclamation Project, are ensuring this is a place everyone wants to visit.”

From a residential real estate perspective, COVID-19 sped up changes in demand, especially as it relates to condominiums. Research from Dot Property Group found that enquiries made through the network’s websites rose for units priced at THB10 million and above during the pandemic. Meanwhile, there was a noticeable decline in demand for condominiums with an asking price below THB5 million.

To put this in other terms, property buyers in Pattaya are now after luxury condominiums that offer a quality living experience. There is an emphasis on more space, better amenities and greater convenience.

Delivering that is what drives Colours Development in its quest to empower residents to live beyond what is possible. This led to the launch of AROM Wongamat, a stunning high-rise condominium that stands out as a residential masterpiece.

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A residential masterpiece rises

AROM Wongamat
Every unit at AROM Wongamat offers a full sea view

AROM Wongamat sits on top of what has been called the last piece of land on Wong Amat Beach. For Colours Development, there was a responsibility to launch a project befitting of this rare plot.

“There is nothing to block the land AROM Wongamat sits on. This is quite hard to find,” Khun Park stated. “Our team realized the uniqueness of the land and wanted to create residences that would be seen as a legacy holding for the person who owns it. To accomplish this, we selected Thailand’s best designer who fully understood what the land represented.”

Situated along the beach and next to several of Pattaya’s iconic destinations, including Surf & Turf Beach Club & Restaurant and Pullman Pattaya Hotel, AROM Wongamat will undoubtably be among the city’s most prestigious addresses once completed in 2024.

What’s more, this is a location where supply outstrips demand. According to data from Colliers International Thailand, Wong Amat Beach has the second highest property sales rate in Pattaya. But with no land for future projects, opportunities to own a residence here will most likely be limited moving forward.

Location alone is not enough to build a masterpiece, however. Design plays a vital role as well. There are a number of outstanding elements found throughout AROM Wongamat, but let’s start with the most notable one. All residences boast direct sea views. This is extremely rare for a beachfront development in Pattaya.

These beautiful vistas have been accentuated through thoughtfully curated living spaces which merge artistry and functionality. Furniture and fixtures using low toxicity fabrics and materials that have been recycled or harvested sustainably were selected. All of this has been tied together with creativity and fine craftsmanship to ensure a wonderful home.

This beauty extends to the project’s exterior where glass terraces reach out from the tower to create texture and light while curved details reflect the motion of waves and the wind. The 55-storey building is remarkable in every sense of the world.

direct beach access AROM Wongamat
Enjoy direct beach access

AROM Wongamat also boasts a long list of impressive amenities. From direct beach access that is only steps outside the lobby to rooftop facilities offering gorgeous panoramic views, convenience and fun can be found just around corner.

Ultimately, there is real substance behind the unmatched style of AROM Wongamat. This is something Colours Development focused on. The homebuilder wanted the condominium to be more than a nice place. Its goal was to craft an unrivaled living experience that went beyond anything available in Pattaya.

“Luxury doesn’t always mean the most expensive. It is about having good tastes when it comes to lifestyle choices,” Khun Park notes. “Besides designing the project to guarantee residents get the most out of beachfront living, including providing direct sea views in all units, we also wanted to ensure a quality lifestyle through concierge services.”

Colours Development’s work on AROM Wongamat was rewarded at the Dot Property Thailand Awards 2021 when the project was named Best Luxury Condominium Eastern Seaboard.

“Winning the Best Luxury Condominium Eastern Seaboard award was vindication of the driving force behind the project development team. Our mindset is dare to think. We are committed to developing projects that reach new standards of real estate on the Eastern Seaboard and this award symbolizes our journey down that path,” Khun Park explained. “It is also inspiring us to create new works that will be released this year.”

See available units in the condominium

The next collection

AROM Wongamat is the first project in the AROM Collection, the signature series from Colours Development. The firm sees this as a chance to expand upon its ‘Living Beyond Possibility’ concept while responding to real demand.

“The AROM COLLECTION maintains the best project development concept for homebuyers wanting a luxury residence. This is a segment where demand remains strong,” Khun Chalermphon Khoncham, Colours Development CEO & Founder, says. “Based on the number of customers who visited AROM Wongamat and the project’s sales, these are the types of homes people are looking for in Pattaya.”

One of the most exciting upcoming launches under the AROM Collection is AROM Jomtien. The condominium is being tailored to suit different lifestyles while offering all residents the absolute best.

“For AROM Jomtien, we are partnering with top-notch designers who are looking to create a low-density space where residents can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings,” Khun Park explains. “Privacy is something that is important as well. Additionally, every unit will have direct sea views much like AROM Wongamat. We are planning to announce more details soon, but this will be a very worthwhile investment.”

AROM Jomtien is located at the heart of Jomtien Beach, a vibrant place known for its beautiful sunsets. It’s also undergoing a huge restoration effort that is adding 680,000 cubic meters of sand to combat the effects of costal erosion and make it a usable area for future generations.

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The creator of AROM Wongamat

Colours Development
Colours Development celebrates at the Dot Property Thailand Awards 2021

The ambitious aims of Colours Development are a product of its background. The firm was born in 2020 through the merger of three major real estate companies with each one boasting unique perspectives and areas of expertise.

Apus Development Group, The Urban Property and Sirisa Group have a combined 30 years of experience and have completed more than 60 projects. But by joining forces, the trio realized they could create a new future for living across the Eastern Seaboard and Thailand as a whole.

“Colours Development sets the bar high, not just in terms of our own rigorous standards, but also when it comes to our key partnerships. We actively seek partners with peerless reputations in their fields,” Khun Park details. “We are excited to build upon the success of AROM Wongamat and the AROM Collection will allow us to further elevate the standard of property in Pattaya and beyond.”