Chalermnit Art De Maison wins Best Condominium Interior Design Bangkok

Chalermnit Art De Maison
Chalermnit Art De Maison features several well designed amenity spaces

Beautiful, unique and now award winning. All of these can be used to describe Chalermnit Art De Maison from developer Areeya Property. The condominium was honoured with Best Condominium Interior Design Bangkok at the Dot Property Thailand Awards 2019. 

Bangkok is known as the “City of Angels” so it would only be fitting to describe the interior design at Chalermnit Art De Maison as heavenly. Inspired by one of Japan’s most successful architectural design firms with a track record of visionary projects, the development has redefined interior design in the Thai capital. It all starts with the Areeya Property’s determination to create a “hand-crafted living experience”.

As the winner of the Best Condominium Interior Design Bangkok, Chalermnit Art De Maison excels when it comes to the creation of living spaces that are both functional and inspiring. The residences don’t simply look nice, but support the lifestyle needs of those living here. The interiors manage to find new ways to bring design and functionality together in harmony. 

The profound design elements of Japan have been carefully interwoven with modern technologies to create an ideal living space for today’s world. Chalermnit Art De Maison is minimal, beautiful and luxurious, proving that you have to challenge what’s accepted to create something rare and inspiring. 

Chalermnit Art De MaisonAdditionally, winning the award for Best Condominium Interior Design Bangkok at the Dot Property Thailand Awards 2019 requires the highest levels of attention to detail. At Chalermnit Art De Maison, every last design element was carefully selected to ensure it surpasses all expectations. 

Whether it is the bespoke fittings and furniture that comes standard in each unit or the use of sophisticated materials throughout every square metre of the project, no stone has been left unturned in search of perfection. This has allowed the interior design of Chalermnit Art De Maison to meet the discerning requirements of those who enjoy the finer things in life.

No other project manages to adroitly capture the imagination like Chalermnit Art De Maison. Because of this, the development is the worthy winner of Best Condominium Interior Design Bangkok at the Dot Property Thailand Awards 2019.