These are the best real estate agencies, service firms and property management businesses in Vietnam

Vietnam’s Best Real Estate Agencies 2022
Dat Xahn Mien Bac is honored as one of Vietnam’s Best Real Estate Agencies 2022

The services sector is playing an increasingly important role in Vietnam. As the country’s real estate industry has grown, these firms have become vital and not only when it comes to buying and selling homes. They are providing aftersales support, empowering investors, sharing knowledge and ensuring a seamless experience for everyone.

Real estate agencies, service firms, management businesses and more are laying the groundwork for buyers, sellers, residents and everyone else to participate in property. This year’s Dot Property Vietnam Awards winners have led these efforts through hard work, care and a desire to improve the industry.

Vietnam’s Best Real Estate Agencies 2022

Dat Xanh Mien Bac

PropertyX Joint Stock Company



Dat Xanh Mien Nam Investment and Services Joint Stock Company

Dat Xahn Mien

Southern Vietnam’s Best Real Estate Agencies 2022

DXMD Vietnam



Vietnam’s Best Real Estate Consultancy Firm 2022

WeLand Real Estate


NewstarHomes Investment Group Joint Stock Company


V-Land Vietnam Real Estate Trading And Investment Joint Stock Company


Vietnam’s Best Property Communications Firm 2022

ODE Group

ODE Group

Vietnam’s Best Property Media Consultancy Firms 2022

Hoacom Media Group JSC


Vietnam’s Best Real Estate Service Firms 2022

TNL Lease Property And Investment Joint Stock Company

TNL Lease

Vietnam’s Best Property Management Businesses 2022

Savista Holdings

Savista Holdings

TNR Property Investment And Real Estate Management Joint Stock Company



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