Looking for a good investment property in Phuket? Look no further!

We all buy property for different reasons. Somewhere to call home whether that is a permanent residence or a holiday home. As a form of rental income through a healthy rental yield or somewhere to invest in the anticipation that it will increase in value. Whatever the reason for your purchase we want to be sure that we have made a sound investment. Property in Phuket has proved to be lucrative thanks to the constant stream of visitors that all need somewhere to stay. Plus it is a popular destination particularly within the region as many living in Hong Kong and Singapore buy a property here to use as their holiday home. 

We have picked three of the best projects in the island that are ideal investment properties. Everyone has different requirements when searching for a property so each of these have different qualities suited to exactly what you need. 

1. Diamond Condominium.


Starting price: THB 3.5 million
Rental return: 7 percent 

One question that often pops up with an investment property is, “how easy is it to maintain?” which is particularly important if you are not located closeby. This is exactly the beauty of Diamond Condominium. A modern condominium project that employs the rental management services of world renowned real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle. Aside from the peace of mind this brings, Diamond Condominium also benefits from being just 20 minutes from the airport making it a very easy to reach adding to its appeal. Consequently the developer assures a healthy rental return of seven percent. It is also a short walk to the sandy shores of Bangtao Beach, as well as having some of the island’s favourite restaurants at Surin and Laguna Beaches within its vicinity.

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2. Himmapana Villas.


Starting price: THB 11.9 million
Rental return: 5 to 8 percent

If you are looking for villa on Phuket, then Himmapana Villas is for you. These two and three bedroom villas are spacious being 207 and 327 square metres respectively and are just one kilometre from the popular Kamala Beach. Available on a leasehold or freehold tenure, their slick design contributed to it winning the recent coveted Dot Property ‘Best architectural villa design’ award. Another attribute that makes Himmapana Villas a good investment is its eco-design making it future proof. Designed with large windows and doors allows natural airflow throughout which also keeps energy bills low. Each villa has its own private pool and sun deck for paramount privacy, more reasons to contribute to the rental return of between five and eight percent that can be enjoyed here.

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3. Utopia Naiharn.


Starting price: THB 3.9 million
Rental return: 10 percent

Nestled between Naiharn, Rawai and Yanui beaches is Utopia Naiharn. These cleverly designed units not only look good but also optimise space, factors that have kept the price low but the rental yield high. At an impressive 10 percent return, the developer has set out making this an easy investment for you. With a choice of condominium units or villas, both come fully furnished right down to the cutlery and even toiletries so everything is set up so that the property starts working for you immediately. Owners can enjoy the property for 40 nights every year, ideal for those who want to enjoy holidaying on Phuket, but also want an attractive investment too.

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