Bangkok real estate agents can help customers and earn cash with i-Store Self Storage and i-StoreGo

Bangkok real estate agents
Help customers alleviate storage issues while earning cash with i-StoreGo and i-Store Self Storage

Real estate agents in Bangkok wear many hats. Not only do you help find people the perfect place to live, but you are also their first point of contact for day-to-day challenges that may arise during a move. And perhaps the biggest issue is related to stuff.

Sometimes your customer will have too much stuff to take into their new place. Sometimes there is a gap between when they move out of one property and move into their next home. Whatever the case, you can help them alleviate that problem while earning cash with i-Store Self Storage and i-StoreGo.

Bangkok’s premium storage service offers real estate agents a 10 percent commission on the net rental price for self storage and door-to-door storage. In addition to that, property professionals who refer 10 customers receive an additional THB10,000 bonus. Help your customers and earn extra cash. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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Why i-Store Self Storage and i-StoreGo?

i-StoreGo and i-Store Self Storage provides the best possible storage experience. With three easy to find locations in central Bangkok as well as door-to-door service, they have something for everyone.

For those who want access to their belongings at all times, i-Store Self Storage is the way to go. From clean, modern facilities to flexible unit sizes and a reasonable pricing structure, it is without question Bangkok’s premier self storage option. Watch how it works.

Meanwhile, i-StoreGo is perfect for those clients who prefer a hassle-free experience where everything is done for them. That includes packing, moving and keeping all possessions safe. All they have to do is let the i-StoreGo team know when and where. The rest is taken care of.

Earn cash with i-Store Self Storage and i-StoreGo

If you know someone who needs storage, refer them to i-Store Self Storage and i-StoreGo. They can enjoy the best possible experience with Bangkok’s most trusted storage solutions while you’ll earn some extra cash. Now that’s a win-win scenario. Register today!