Assetwise links up with Japan’s oldest homebuilder to develop new Onnut condo

Assetwise Tokyo Tatemono
Khun Kromchet Vipanpong, Assetwise CEO (left) and Fumio Tajima, Managing Officer and Head of the Overseas Business Division at Tokyo Tatemono (right) at a recent signing ceremony

Assetwise and Tokyo Tatemono, the oldest developer in Japan, have announced a partnership that will see the duo work on a new condominium in Bangkok’s Onnut neighborhood. Atmoz Oasis Onnut is a massive residential project with plans calling for more than 1,100 units.

“This is an important step for both companies in jointly developing a real estate project in Thailand that will raise the quality of living for Thai people as well as extend a welcome mat to foreign residents,” Khun Kromchet Vipanpong, Assetwise CEO, noted in a press release. “The fact that Tokyo Tatemono collaborates with our company demonstrates our potential as a leading developer with creative products to meet the needs of the new generation’s lifestyle. We have extensive development experience of both vertical and horizontal properties in all segments.”

The Onnut area is one Assetwise is familiar with Modiz Sukhumvit 50 among the projects it has situated there. The development won Best Affordable Condominium Bangkok at the Dot Property Thailand Awards 2020 and the Thai firm’s extensive experience was a key reason Tokyo Tatemono was willing to participate in this joint venture.

“Assetwise is a real estate company managed by a new generation of developers who have broad vision and run the business towards steady growth. The proof of this success is its more than 44 quality projects,” Fumio Tajima, Managing Officer and Head of the Overseas Business Division at Tokyo Tatemono, noted.

Thailand is a market that Tokyo Tatemono is bullish on. The firm believes this partnership will allow it to share its expertise to help raise the city’s living standards.

“The real estate business in Thailand shows immense potential and room to grow, particularly public transit development projects, due to city expansion such as electric trains and expressways,” Tajima added. “Through joint ventures with reliable partners, the company is determined to develop properties that will contribute to raising the standard of living for residents and help to make the region more attractive and valuable, as we have experienced in Japan.”