6 hacks to keep your condo clean during rainy season

condo clean during rainy season
Rainy season is here, and that means things might get messy in your condo

Keeping your condo clean during rainy season is a difficult task. Water, mud and dirt surround us during these months and they almost always find their way into condo buildings. Maintaining a clean home can feel like a never-ending battle, but you can fight back.

We’ve prepared six hacks that will help you keep your condo clean during rainy season. We’ll be honest, most of them involve not letting wet items make their way into your home, but you got to start somewhere.

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Do these six things to keep your condo clean during rainy season

1) Do something about your shoes 

If you’re going to keep your condo clean during rainy season, it starts with taking care of your shoes. Your kicks will drag in mud and dirt ruining your floors in the process. Most condo buildings don’t let you keep things outside the front door of your unit, and the balcony isn’t really an option if it’s raining.

A shoe rack by the front door is the perfect solution to this problem. You take your shoes off as soon as you enter and then place them on the rack before they have a chance to make a mess. Just make sure you place it close to the front door. It won’t do any good if you put them in the bedroom as you’ll be tempted to wear your shoes until reaching the rack.

2) Keep the umbrella in the bathroom

On the streets, umbrellas are a lifesaver. But in the home, they are a nuisance. Some buildings may let you keep your wet umbrella in the lobby, but not everyone has this luxury. If you bring a wet umbrella into your home, put it in the shower/bathtub until it dries.

3) Don’t let wet clothes pile up 

Even with an umbrella, sometimes your clothes get wet during rainy season. A lot of people just throw them in their laundry basket and forget about their wet clothing until it’s time to wash everything. Other people will toss them on the floor. The former can cause a foul smell if you don’t wash them fast enough and the latter is bad for any number of reasons.

Wet clothes need to be handled differently. Either place them in a separate basket so they don’t mingle with everything else or dump them in the washing machine immediately when you get home if your condo has one.

4) Be vigilant against water pooling

Be sure to regularly inspect your balcony and window seal for pools of water once a storm has passed. If you find them, clear these out right away. These pools will do nothing but attract mosquitoes and create a bad smell if they are allowed to stagnate.

5) Disinfect regularly

Rainy season is also germ season and chances are you will come down with a cold at least once during the next few months. Clean your walls and floors with a good disinfectant once a week to help eliminate germs in addition to keeping things clean. While this won’t guarantee you a healthy rainy season, eliminating germs is always a good idea.

6) Fight the damp smell

No matter how hard you work to keep your condo clean during rainy season, the damp smell can still make its way in. No one likes that musty scent so make sure you invest in diffusers or other odour eliminating systems.

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