5 ways to use this year’s paint colour

Bring your home on trend with these refreshing and exciting paint colour tips.  

If you are feeling a bit bored with the interior of your home, then now is the time to dabble in some 2017 paint colours. Sprucing up your home with a coat of paint is a cheap option for home improvements but it will have a big and quick impact. Use our guide to work out the best way to pick the colours for your new look. 

1. Be sympathetic.

Whilst this year is all about being daring with colours, it is also wise to be sympathetic to your building. To pull off a style you need it to be spot on. Therefore you may want to avoid a vintage shade in a warehouse apartment and opt for a mineral grey for the walls for an industrial look. If you live in a property with character, then accentuate its features. This could be by painting any woodwork the same colour or a slightly lighter or darker shade than the walls rather than choosing white. Should you be fortunate enough to have floorboards, why not paint these instead. A sunshine yellow works well especially in a smaller space such as a toilet. 

2. Go the full hog. 

If you have been used to a neutral palette, then a bold colour could feel daunting. But be brave and pick a colour you like and go with it. An emerald green in the kitchen will look great if you have white gloss units and a marble worktop. A lighter shade of green will not have the same effect. Pick out a few colours and test them on a piece of paper. Stick the paper to the wall and then think about it for a few days. Never apply testers directly to the wall as it will be hard to cover up in the future. 

3. Pick a colour suited to the mood of your room.

Darker colours are ideal for places of rest. A dusky or midnight blue for your bedroom will be inviting to create a haven to rest your eyes. There aren’t many places in your home that you want to be dark, but the bedroom or a snug where you catch up on TV is great. 

4. Use one colour for one room.

It may sound odd, but pick a paint colour and stick with that throughout the room. For example, if you want to create a feminine feel to your bedroom, then pick pink and then use different shades of pink everywhere else. From your light shades, to your bedding to even some patterned pink curtains, this is one way to really divulge in a colour that you adore.

5. Colour your furniture instead.

If you really are too scared to venture to add bold paint colours to your walls, then choose a safe colour like a muted grey instead for your study. Then use accents of colours with pieces of furniture such as an orange armchair or yellow desk. This is one way to bring colour in without having to commit to a complete overhaul.