5 things to do in Hua Hin

Everyone knows that Hua Hin is a tropical beach paradise, attracting holidaymakers and expats alike with it’s luxurious hotels and beautiful beachfront Villas. But what else is there to do in this sunny city? As it turns out, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. Here are five very different ways to make the most of Hua Hin.

1. Take a boat trip
Whether you prefer a personal kayak, local fishing boat or luxurious yacht, boating is a great way to explore the area. Drop anchor at one of the unspoiled islands of Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, including one that’s home to hundreds of monkeys. Just don’t let them steal your snorkel – you’ll need it for the spectacular coral reefs off the coast of Koh Singto, or “Lion Island”. It’s also possible to join late-night squid fishing vessels, or head farther out to spot dolphins at sunrise.

2. Hit the mountains
Though best known for the scenic seafront, Hua Hin also boasts magnificent mountains within easy striking distance. In the vast Kaeng Krachan National Park, nature enthusiasts can trek through thick jungle to refreshing waterfalls and enormous caves. Just west of Hua Hin, the easier-to-reach Hin Lek Fai Mountain has a quiet and breezy viewpoint that affords tremendous views over the city and sea. Wildlife lovers can get involved with the non-profit Wildlife Friends Foundation, or try their hand at elephant polo.

3. Explore the history and culture
Much more than just a beach resort, Hua Hin has a rich history as a favored holiday spot for Thailand’s royal family. In the early 20th century, King Prajadhipok (Rama VII) built the impressive Mediterranean-style Klai Kangwon (“Far from Worries”) Palace, and it remains one of a handful of historical sites that can still be visited today. Hua Hin is also home to a number of historic temples, and it supports a thriving community of artists who sell their works in countless modern galleries.

4. Go golfing
With nine immaculately designed courses set amid a breathtaking landscape that blends mountain and sea, Hua Hin is one of Asia’s premier golfing destinations. Black Mountain, Banyan and Imperial Lakeview are all world-class courses, and Jack Nicklaus himself designed Springfield Royal Country Club.

5. Hit the town
Hua Hin strikes the perfect balance between daytime activities and excitement after dark. The many small pubs stacked near the beach are always a good bet for a laidback evening out, but Hua Hin has dozens of larger nightlife venues to suit all tastes. Enjoy fine wines at the upscale Satchmo Club, sit back for a thrilling show at Blue Angel Cabaret, or let loose for an evening of cold beer and live rock and roll at El Murphy’s or Hua Hin Brewing Company.

With a vast choice of affordable property in Hua Hin and an eclectic mix of attractions, you can be sure that there’s something to “float your boat” here.