4 ways you can start your spring cleaning

spring cleaning 2020
If you have some extra time, why not do a little spring cleaning?

Chances are you have found yourself with some free time on your hands. And while binge watching Netflix and scouring over menus on food delivery service websites is fun, you can also be productive during this time. Why not partake in a little spring cleaning?

Perhaps the biggest obstacle facing most people when it comes to spring cleaning is picking a place to start. It’s understandable. The first step of a journey is always the most difficult. That’s why we’ve put together four ways you can get started with spring cleaning.

1) Start in the bedroom

There is no bad place to start your spring cleaning. One way to get the ball rolling by starting in bedroom. This is especially good for families since everyone can hit the ground running in their individual room and then come together in the other parts of the house. All this being said, there is no real benefit or downside to starting in the bedroom.

2) Start at the front door

If you live in a studio or smaller condominium unit, it may make sense to start from your front door and end at the balcony or window. It is easy to keep track of progress this way and helps you avoid messing up areas you already cleaned.

3) Start outside

Starting outside is the way to go if you live in a house with a yard or garage. This is more a mental thing than having any practical benefits. A lot of people will clean the inside of the house and then forget that the outside areas also need to be spruced up since they don’t actually see them while cleaning. This doesn’t happen if you start outside and then move indoors.

4) Start high, finish low

There are some condos that collect a lot of dust for whatever reason. If this sounds like your residence, starting spring cleaning high and finishing with the floor might be the best strategy. Basically, begin with the ceiling and work your way down so all the dust and dirt winds up on the floor where you can sweep and mop it away. Obviously, this isn’t the way to go if you have carpets.