3 reasons why Thailand-based real estate agents shouldn’t leave town during the holidays

Thailand-based real estate
Thailand-based real estate can benefit by working during Songkran and other holidays

April brings with it many holidays. This year there is Chakri Memorial Day on April 8 and then Songkran on April 12-16 with many people electing to leave town for a week or two during this period. However, Thailand-based real estate agents should think twice before taking a holiday during this period. Here are three reasons why.

1) Holidays are a great time to work

Many Thailand-based real estate agents understand that the holidays are a great time to work. You most likely work weekend and nights already, so holidays should be no exception. In fact, you may find that business actually picks up in April as clients have more time to do things like visit new homes.

2) Clients are usually in a better mood 

Speaking of clients, you will find them in better spirits during holidays such as Songkran. They actually have time to take a break without work or other commitments stressing them out. Additionally, Bangkok-based real estate agents can take advantage of things like less traffic which have been known to put people in a better mood.

If you’re working with foreign clients, Songkran is a nice opportunity to show them a unique side of Thailand. Chances are, they haven’t experienced anything quite like the water festival, so why not let them take it in? All of this helps build a relationship and hopefully makes their search fun.

3) If you leave, the competition will strike

The fact remains, if you aren’t working during the holidays, potential clients will find an agent that is. You risk missing out on business by taking time off during this period. The most successful Thailand-based real estate agents are the ones working around the schedule of their clients as opposed to fitting meetings around what’s convenient for them. 

There are plenty of other times during the year where business isn’t as bustling. Take your vacation during these periods and stay busy during the holidays this year.